"Natural" Birdhouse

Ever have "something" that's been sitting in your craft room for who knows how long that one day you're going to make into a great project?  In my case it was this blank wood birdhouse that I acquired somewhere along the way knowing that I could turn it into something cool for around the house.  When the "Natural" paper collection was released from Authentique I knew that I'd found the perfect way to decorate the birdhouse and finally do something with it!

The top edge of the birdhouse is edged with coordinating ribbon with floral embellishments from Petaloo.  The bottom edge of the birdhouse is trimmed with ribbon, with words taken from the Sticker sheet placed around the edge randomly to resemble stepping stones.  The edge and bird post were inked with Memento Luxe Toffee Crunch and allowed to air dry.  Most of the papers were edged with Memento Luxe in either Peanut Brittle or Teal Zeal before adhered to the birdhouse using Creative Medium.
Birdhouse Front  Around the opening of the birdhouse are the layered stickers from the Sticker sheet, with the smaller ones used around the bird post.  House "Beaming"  Roof "Daydream"
Side 1 House quote taken from the "Enhancements" paper  Roof "Native" with Memento Luxe Peanut Brittle sponged on to add color.
Side 2  House "Beaming" paper as the background.  Petaloo flower is framed with the outer most layering stickers that were used on the front of the birdhouse with the You Are A Natural sticker from the Sticker sheet.  Roof paper is from the 6 x 6 Bundle.
Side 3  House quote taken from the "Enhancements" paper  Roof paper is from the 6 x 6 Bundle, inked with Memento Luxe Teal Zeal.
Side 4  House  "Native" paper with sticker from Sticker sheet on top of Petaloo flower embellishments. Roof from 6 x 6 Bundle with Peanut Brittle and Teal Zeal inks added.  Live Today is from the Sticker sheet.
Side 3  House quote taken from the "Enhancements" paper with Born A Natural from the Sticker sheet.  Roof "Dayream" highlighted with Peanut Brittle ink.

Supplies for this project:
Authentique Paper "Natural" Collection
IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko  Creative Medium; Memento Luxe: Peanut Brittle, Teal Zeal; InkBlushers (for applying Creative Medium)
Miscellaneous  wood bird house


  1. Fabulous birdhouse! I really like the mix of papers and embellishments.

  2. I have one of those - might even have two, they were on sale at Michael's. I was going to try to paint it (someday) but I like this idea much better. Now I can go finish it with paper and have something unique.

  3. Nicely done, and the colors are lovely. I hate to sound sexist, but, what a joy to see a man papercrafting. I know there's many of you out there, but so rare. I think there's a hidden bug in most men, but stereotypes keep them from being free. God bless, and keep going!


    1. I don't know that you will find too many men out there as passionate about the craft as John! He is a true talent and we are lucky to have him on our team! Thanks for your comment Meri! :-)

  4. very nice bird house and yes I have lots of those "something's' in my craft room ;) and one day I to will do something with those lol. thanks for sharing.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this birdhouse John! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. What a way to give a birdhouse a makeover! Absolutely fabulous work! Loved this...


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