Naturally Gorgeous Jewelry

Many times I see paper and just wish that I could wear it. The Natural Collection is the perfect shade of blue-green that lends well to clothing. One of my lovely friends has been wearing large pendant jewelry, and when I saw the empty silver heart at my local craft store, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.
I started with my materials: 2-part jewelry resin, a pendant tray, and a cut-to-order ball chain. I wanted to make sure that if I really liked this process I could make more later on, so got a two part resin. I followed the directions, and it was really easy.  
For the heart inside, I used the Natural Collection's 6x6 pad, Diction stickers (8x12 Elements) and a Prima gem. I chose the 6x6 papers over the 12x12 papers, as they are a lighter weight.  Since I had to handcut the shape (rather than a circle or square that I could die cut) the 6x6 was easier to work with for this project.
The cutting was probably the trickiest part of the whole process. You want to make sure that your paper covers all of the edges. If you look at mine, there is a little edge to most of it. 
Use adhesive to adhere the paper to the tray. Then place your shape into the tray. Add the Diction stickers, and any gems or additional items to the paper. Make sure that you use a tool to press the edges down and into the corners of the tray.
Here is the piece of jewelry complete before any white glue or resin.
As per the instructions of the resin that I used, it called for using a (dries clear) white glue to be added to the paper in at least two layers. This was to prevent the resin from staining or darkening the paper after it was added. In this instance, I painted the paper and sticker portion, but did not paint the gem as I wanted it to remain sparkly. Let it dry completely. This is really important.
Lastly, before you even mix any resin, figure out where you are going to let it dry. Most resins have to have about 24 hours to dry completely, so you want to find somewhere that it will be out of the way. Also, I found that because the ring that holds the pendant onto the chain sticks off of the back, my pendant had to hang off of a piece of chipboard to dry. This was actually a good thing, as there was a little bit of resin that as it dried, dripped off. Make sure that there is a piece of chipboard, or thick paper to catch any drips.
Because I used a rather thick gem, I had to make sure that the gem was covered and did not come uncovered in the drying process. This could have also been a reason that I had more drips than I thought I would. 
Twenty-four hours later, and I had a gorgeous pendant! 
Lastly, add a chain. I really liked the chain where you get to choose how long you want to cut it. It was more cost effective, and I was able to have more chain for any more pieces of jewelry that I wanted to create. I'm so excited for another way to show off my favorite papers.
Products Used-
Authentique Paper-Natural 6x6 pad, Diction from 8x12" Elements stickers
Other Supplies: pendant tray, Envirotex Jewelry Resin, ball chain, Elmer's white glue, Prima Pocket Book Pad Gems, adhesive


  1. Nicely done and a great tutorial and tips on creating the jewelry.

  2. This is just beautiful.Just think of the possibilities There are so my gorgeous Authentique papers. Thank you for sharing.

  3. LOVE it! You may have started a jewelry obsession to match my paper crafting one. :)

  4. i'm you think something like crystal effects would work in the same way? what would be the difference between the two? any thoughts? this pendant is gorgeous.

    1. I'm not familiar with Crystal Effects specifically, but if it's like Glossy Accents, then it might not dry hard enough if it's extremely thick. The good thing about the resin, was that it dries completely hard. If you wanted to see if it would work, it might be helpful to do a test sample in a bottle lid, or something small just to see if it would hold up to the same conditions that the resin would. And thank you!!

  5. Hi Heather,

    what a beautiful necklace! The trailer you soooo nicely and the colors are quite to my taste! Super!

    Greetings from Germany,


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