Elegant Jewelry

The "Elegant" paper collection can easily become an accessory that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or more!  The great patterns and colors found in this collection give that perfect "Elegant" touch for any outfit.

Creating your own accessories is almost as easy as choosing what paper from the "Elegant" collection to use!  I used SHEET Metal blanks from IMAGINE Crafts as the base for pieces.  Simply adhere the paper to the metal, then seal with an acrylic paper sealer.  I then set each of the pieces using ICE Resin after I added some bling, glitter and mica.  It takes up to three days for the resin to fully cure, although I've found that it's easiest to just let the resin set overnight at which point the pieces can be handled.
I created my pieces to be double sided, which means that you'll have to allow both sides to cure separately.  Once completed, I attached the pieces with jump rings to a bracelet that can be found at most craft stores.  For a little added bling, add coordinating crystals to the bracelet.

Take your jewelry making skills to a new level by incorporating bead work around this amazing paper collection!  Begin with "Elegant Five" paper and set inside of bezel.  Embellish with bling and pearl dimensional dots and then add the ICE Resin.  Once fully cured, use the bezel as the base for your bead work to create an accessory that is sure to get noticed!
Authentique Paper "Classique:Elegant" paper collection
IMAGINE Crafts SHEET Metal pieces (large circles, large ovals)
ICE Resin  ICE Resin, blank bezel, paper sealer, glitter, mica


  1. woah!!! *gasp* breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

  3. Wow that jewelry looks fantastic! The necklace really catches my eye. Beading is a minor hobby for me so combining great looking paper and beads is a great combo.

  4. Wow, these look amazing.
    I've never tried jewellery making - you make it sound very do-able even for a novice.

  5. Your talent amazes me!! You have such craftsmanship and attention to detail! LOVE these pieces!

  6. These came out looking gorgeous. Thanks for showing it to us.


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