An "Adventure" Wall Hanging

Hi everyone, it's Audrey, here today with a tutorial for creating a rustic wall hanging with our new Adventure collection.

If you plan on spending any time out in the great outdoors this summer, Adventure is the perfect collection for capturing and documenting all your summertime memories. Whether you enjoy camping or hiking, fishing, or even just a simple picnic in the meadow, Adventure has you covered with gorgeous outdoorsy patterned papers, die cuts, cut-apart journaling cards, and stickers.

Today I'm going to share with you a fun tutorial for creating this rustic wall hanging with it's load of fresh-caught fish. I don't do a lot of camping or fishing these days, but this little hanging makes me smile. I've got it hanging on the back of my kitchen door to add a little seasonal fun to my home for the summer. I may not camp much now, but this sure brings back some happy childhood memories.

I love to use recycled materials in my home decor pieces, and old cardboard box panels are one of my all-time favorite bases for projects like these. Since cardboard boxes come in all shapes and sizes, the creative possibilities are endless. I based today's project off of the adorable camp scene journaling card from the Cut Apart 12x12 paper, which set the size for my finished hanging. Simply trim the card from the paper, then cut several layers of coordinating patterned papers to mat with. I chose two solid print papers, and one vivid pattern for my layers.

Then cut a panel of recycled corrugated cardboard slightly larger than your biggest piece of paper. Peel off portions of the top layer of the cardboard to reveal the fun corrugation below.

Adhere the two largest panels of paper directly to the cardboard base using strong adhesive or tacky glue. Adhere the two smallest panels of paper together, then add them to the base using foam adhesive for a bit of dimension between layers. Trim the Open Road shield and postage stamp image from the Cut Apart paper, and locate the Wild Adventure banner and small round hiker icon from the die cut sheet.

Tie hemp cord around the bottom of the hanging, then add the embellishment pieces. Place the Open Road shield and postage stamp image first, on opposite sides of the hanging. Then add the sentiment banner and hiker icon over the hemp cord. You can tie the ends of the hemp into a simple bow or knot, or loop the ends and secure with a tiny dot of adhesive under the right edge of the banner, like I did.

Now we're ready to create our "catch of the day". Draw a small fish pattern onto a piece of scrap paper, and cut out. Then using your pattern, trace several fish onto Adventure patterned papers. You'll need two fish pieces for every completed fish. Cut out the traced fish pieces.

Place a small dot of adhesive in the tail area only of the fish, and adhere two fish pieces together, making sure the pattern you want to show is on the outside. Machine stitch around the edge of the fish, going about 3/4 of the way around before stopping to add a small bit of polyfill fiber before stitching all the way shut.

As you can see, a bit of the fiberfill is sticking out the edge, but that's ok. Simply trim the excess with a scissor, cut off the ends of the sewing threads, and even up the paper edges, if needed. If you don't have fiberfill, try using a bit of tissue paper, napkin, paper towel, or even tp instead.

Punch holes in the tips of the fish, then add a small loop of hemp cord. Cut two 3" pieces of thick hemp or rope and string the cord through the looped fish to gather them. Tie the ends of the rope into knots. Then cut a longer piece of rope, that's around 10" long. Place a glue dot or dab of tacky glue to the bottom corner of the hanging. Then twist and loop the rope across the bottom of the hanging, securing a few key areas with more adhesive to keep it all in place. Cut off any excess when you get to the opposite side. Then adhere the hanging fish in the center.

Punch holes in the top two corners of the hanging, and string with additional rope for a hanger. Ink the edges of the cardboard base lightly with brown ink.
Authentique Adventure Collection:
Wildflower 12x12 Paper
Blaze 12x12 Paper
Nomad 12x12 Paper
Enhancements Cut Apart 12x12 Paper
Components Die Cuts
Hemp: May Arts
Ink: Clearsnap
Other: Recycled Cardboard, Rope Twine


  1. Audrey, what a fabulous wall hanging! I love what you've done! The hanging fish are so much fun!

  2. Super fun and I do
    like how you stuffed
    the fish!
    Carla from Utah

  3. A marvelous and fun piece of home décor. Love the hanging fish. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This turned out truly amazing! Such a beautiful home deco piece!

  5. Love your little wall hanging! Especially the bunch of fish hanging from it, like it's the catch of the day! Will be putting this newest collection on my "must have" list!

  6. Wow this wallhaning off you is just STUNNING those fish are such a amazing touch love it ❤ hugs Amy

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