Announcing: "Faith" by Authentique Paper

Soft and free flowing, the first of our Autumn releases is the beautiful "Faith" collection. Not specifically religion-based, rather influenced by spirituality and the calm associated with faith, this line is applicable to many occasions.
As a brand, we create art for the sake of preserving memories. Spirituality and faith are a big part of many people's lives; however, creating a collection for a range of views can be tricky! Just as a picture speaks a thousand words, we feel color can convey similar emotions. The color palette for "Faith" is muted, intended to provide a subtle background for your projects. The designs are rich and striking, to offset the softer color tones. Towards the end of the design process, we felt the papers needed something, we went back and added a pop of yellow. After all, Authentique Paper never does the expected...we put our own twist on just about everything, and we love the warmth yellow added to the collection as a whole! 

We wanted the paper designs to be usable for weddings, babies, family history and everything in between. We are pleased with the way this line turned out, it took on a personality of it's own...and we hope you feel the purity and choose to use these designs to preserve the special moments captured in your life.

"Faith" features six double sided papers, an Enhancements cut-apart paper, a coordinating solid, 6x12 Components pre-cut accent, 12x12 Details sticker, 6x6 & 12x12 paper pads, a Card Making Stack, and the collection kit. Oh, of course, this collection is printed on our signature heavy-weight TEXTURED cardstock!

"Divine" 12x12 paper- FAI001 
(Inspired by Sam's (our owner) grandmother's wallpaper from the 1950's)
Music note vertical stripe w/ dove side design / Mini-scale viney-floral

"Gentle" 12x12 paper- FAI002 
(Hello multi use paper - wedding, family history, etc.!)
Lacey floral / Cream & khaki gingham

"Symbolic" 12x12 paper- FAI003 
(this paper has received the most attention when we previewed to retail store owners last month - it's absolutely stunning in person!)
Stained glass / Etched Roman numeral rows

"Reverent" 12x12 paper- FAI004 
(Inspired by bed linens in Sam's great aunt's home)
Music note background floral clusters / Geometric mosaic

"Confirmation" 12x12 paper- FAI005 
(Inspired by a crocheted table runner passed down in the family)
Crochet lace / Mini dot

"Sacred" 12x12 paper- FAI006 
(Authentique Paper's twist on a traditional fleur de lis)
Fleur de lis birds / Multi width vertical stripe

Since the colors are so soft, we'll highlight a few of the sayings on the "Enhancements" (FAI007):
A moment to remember, Happy thoughts only, Personal goals, Special moments & I am thankful for, just to name a few...
3x4 cut-apart cards for pocket crafting, card making, scrapbooks & more / Three unique pattern sections so all of the cards are double sided

"Foundations One" FAI008
Lightly distressed coordinating solid color cardstock - our colors are so unique, it's sometimes hard to find the perfect match - so we've taken the guess work out!

12x12 "Details" sticker- FAI009
With over 60 pieces of super-sticky, custom made adhesive cardstock, this sticker has generic religious overtones, but nothing too specific!

6x12 "Components" paper accents- FAI010
Double-sided cardstock die-cut accents - beautiful words of encouragement & thoughtfulness

"Petite Type" stickers- FAI014

Our mini alphabet & words stickers are just the right size - not too many, not too few, just enough so you can truly use every piece! Also printed on our custom-made matte finish adhesive cardstock.

"Petite Diction" stickers- FAI015

Card Making Stack- FAI200
Our 3rd collection to offer a card making stack - pre-scored size A2 cards, printed on textured cardstock with white on the inside, you can make 18 cards in a matter of minutes!

Collection Kit- FAI012
A little bit of everything - over 400 pieces - papers, stickers & die cut accents!

6x6 Bundle- FAI011
24 sheets of reduced scale designs, double sided with a coordinating solid on the back of each paper + a bonus "tag" on the back cover of the paper pad!

12x12 Paper Pad- FAI013
20 sheets of 12x12 pattern paper - for the paper hoarder ;)

Our Design Team has generously created a variety of projects to highlight the versatility of this collection, let's take a look!

Card by Design Team Member Audrey Pettit

Home Decor by Design Team Member Audrey Pettit

Gift Set by Design Team Member Keely Livings

 Layout by Design Team Member Keely Livings

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  1. WOW, this paper collection is stunning!! very awesome.

  2. Stunning! I absolutely adore the muted colour. Lovely! x

  3. Wow, such an amazing and very elegant collection! I truly love it!

  4. Beautiful new collection. Love the subtle colors and the name.

  5. I love this line-soft and subtle, kind of like being in a church!

  6. Stunning & Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  7. This collection sings to me, lovely

  8. You know, you don't really have to stumble all over yourself to apologize to non-faith people for having a collection called "Faith". In reading your description to my family, my son hollered from his room wryly, "It's called Faith, but it's not as bad as it sounds!" authentic, Authentique. Don't apologize. People of faith love your collections whether or not they have "faith-sounding" names. People who are not faith-inclined also love your paper and are not going to be put off by "Faith". This is a very lovely collection, but I soooo wish you had not made a big deal about the name....I fear it has backfired for me, a devout Christian. I wish you had just called it Peace.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Janis,

      Thank you for the reminder of the power words have. Obviously, I wish you could have seen our intentions as motivated by more sincerity than you ascribed, however, we will make an honest assessment of your comments.

      I agree with you that we should not distance ourselves in any way from what we create.

      I'm hoping you can come to see this as a failure of good intentions more than a core issue. I hope you can still enjoy this collection, despite the concerns you had with the language used in our description.

      Thank you again for your insights, kind words and for defending your position. We can all learn from this!


  9. Pinned here:

  10. Love the softness of this whole collection! Very nice.

  11. Great paper collection! Love the elegance of it.

  12. Oh I love this new collection! I love the soft, muted tones with the pops of yellow and it is most definitely unique and fabulous. As are the contributing designer's lovely and inspiring sample projects using this new line. This is a gorgeous collection and I thank you for the lovely presentation and for sharing some of your thoughts on the creation of the line. I appreciate your honesty!

  13. Finally a collection I can use to truly show and tell all my blessings God has given me. Beautiful and thoughtful collection.

  14. I love this so sweet and soft...can't wait to make a mini with this..

  15. Very pretty line! I love the soft colors. That first card is really nice!

  16. Stunning, LOVE the opportunity to win it...

  17. Fabulous papers! I could see a wedding album or vintage items with these lovely pages. It would be perfect for Victorian Days coming up in 3 weeks. I love all the Dt's examples. They are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  18. Wow! This is such a beautiful line of paper and there are so many things different type of scrapbook themes that could work on this collection!

  19. Grateful for such an awesome Paper Collection !

  20. Thank you for making this beautiful collection of Faith.

  21. Oh my this is such a great collection for mixed media.....I need to have this I for such am going to buy it when it hit the scrapbook stores here in The Netherlands! I really like what the DT have done with this collection such awesome inspiration thank you!! xox


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