Announcing "Freedom" by Authentique Paper

Classic, timeless and recognizable, our "Freedom" collection is an example of what a "red, white and blue" collection should be. On-brand and to the point, this collection has the tea-stained look and designs which are vintage yet still relevant. Useable for almost any theme or occasion, we are excited to present our "Freedom" collection, available in stores now!

"Greatness" 12x12 Paper- FRE101
Stars and stripes / Old glory mini dot

"Banner" 12x12 Paper- FRE102
Newsy stars / Timeless ledger

"Undivided" 12x12 Paper- FRE103
As the name suggests, the plaid and circle stars truly are undivided

"Majesty" 12x12 Paper- FRE104
Beautiful damask and classic red and antique white wide stripe

"Virtue" 12x12 Paper- FRE105
Fleur de lis and sheet music

"Rejoice" 12x12 Paper- FRE106
Soft and versatile floral / wide gingham 

"Enhancements" 12x12 Cut Apart- FRE107
3x4 cut apart cards - Americana theme! / Confetti or sprinkles, you decide!

Elements Sticker- FRE108
Over 250 pieces on this sticker - complete with frames, tags, mini alphabet and mini word stickers, it definitely has all of the "elements" needed for your crafty project

6x6 Bundle- FRE109
24 sheets of 6x6, double-sided, reduced-scale designs. Beautiful.

Collection Kit- FRE110
14 double sided pattern papers - 2 each of the 7 papers from the collection, plus an Elements sticker!

12x12 Paper Pad- FRE111
24 sheets of 12x12 double-sided pattern paper

This collection is hot off the press, it's so new that our design team hasn't even had a chance to get their hands on it! 

Stay tuned for many more inspiration projects to come! 

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