Announcing "Devoted" by Authentique Paper

After years of development, Authentique Paper's collection devoted to pets is ready to unveil! The quote we used to anchor "Devoted" sums up the collection perfectly (see below). This line is a beautiful, vintage collection full of sophistication and it is sure to become and Authentique classic! 

The collections contains 12 double sided pattern papers - some devoted (no pun intended) to dogs, some to cats and many of the reverse side of the papers are not animal themed at all (woodgrains galore!) We couldn't stop at 12, so for the 13th and 14th papers we created a separate "Enhancements" cut-apart paper for dog and cat. As always, our stickers are printed on an exclusive matte-finish cardstock and offer a beautiful way to accent any creation. Without further adieu, we are pleased to present "Devoted."

"Pawprint" 12x12 Paper- DEV001
Tiny multi color paw prints with dot background / Traditional horizontal woodgrain

"Cherish" 12x12 Paper- DEV002
Letters & tage collage / Blue chicken wire with faint newspaper background

"Reminisce" 12x12 Paper- DEV003
Newspaper with frame border  / Diagonal plaid

"Welcome" 12x12 Paper- DEV004
Petshop signs and floral / Herringbone blue woodgrain

"Affection" 12x12 Paper- DEV005
Hearts filled with music & paw prints / Black and cream all over paw prints

"Moments" 12x12 Paper- DEV006
Vintage postcards / Mini organized dots

"Adorned" 12x12 Paper- DEV007
Framed kitty portraits / Black and cream cat silhouettes

"Frisky" 12x12 Paper- DEV008
Cat and yarn side design / Reduced scale mini floral

"Decorated" 12x12 Paper- DEV009
Framed dog portraits / Cream and black dog silhouettes

 "Protect" 12x12 Paper- DEV010
Dog house side design / Puzzle piece bones

"Harmonize" 12x12 Paper- DEV011
Puppy in the window sheet music / Black-washed chevron woodgrain

"Companion" 12x12 Paper- DEV012
Black vertical stripe with embellished top & bottom / Outlined paw prints with faint stripe background

"Feline" 12x12 Paper- DEV013
Cat-theme cut-apart paper / Cream broken chevron

"Canine" 12x12 Paper- DEV014
Dog-theme cut-apart paper / Black broken chevron

"Petite Diction" Sticker- APD002
Overall size - 3.5 x 6 inches, mini words - universal animal lover words. The perfect addition to ANY project: cards, layouts, home decor, handmade jewelry or charms for your pet!

"Petite Type" Sticker- APT001
Overall size - 3 x 8 inches. Mini alphabet & number stickers. Perfectly color matched to the collection!

"Details" 12x12 Cardstock Sticker- DEV015
Each sticker on our "Details" sheet is it's own original piece of art!

6x6 Bundle- DEV016
24 sheets of REDUCED SCALE designs, double sided - plus a bonus tag you can cut out and use on projects!

12x12 Paper Pad- DEV017
24 sheets of 12x12 textured cardstock, for the paper collector

Collection Kit- DEV018
One each of all 14 papers, 12x12 Details sticker, Petite Type and Petite Diction are all included in the collection kit. This allows you to get one of everything!

"Devoted" is SO new, it's not even in the hands of our Design Team yet! Stay tuned for many inspiration projects to come!

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  1. Woohoot, this is such a perfect collection for scrapping about my cats. I simply adore it and can't wait till it hits the stores.

  2. Gorgeous collection! Love the vintage wood & images, it will make lovely projects for sure...I see a mini album in the future with this one! Thanks Authentique!

  3. WOW! Very unique and exquisitely designed. Animal Lovers are going to go nuts over this fabulous collection.

  4. just so beautiful! we recently lost one of our beloved dogs of over 13 years, so I know I will be placing a pre-order for this collection so I can do some scrapbook layouts and PL pages to honor her memory. this one is going to be a huge hit!

  5. Love the collection. I have a doggie.

  6. Oh wow is this too cute!! #dogsrule but man are those cats cute too! I love this collection. So much!

  7. oh, this is beautiful; would love to use it for all the dogs/cats in my life past and present!!!!

  8. OMGOSH!!! I am crazy for this paper!!! I have the most adorable Corgi and she would FANTASTIC on this paper!!!!

  9. I would love to get my paws on this collection. Wow

  10. I'm thrilled to see this collection. I lost my Honey a little over a year ago and it's finally time to make an album commemorating her life. This collection is absolutely perfect, can hardly wait to find it. Thank you for releasing this. :)

  11. Hi, it is wonderful collection, thanks for share with us. Really Amazing..!!

  12. These designs are just too adorable. The wood grains are fabulous. Can't wait to get my paws on it!

  13. LOVE the blues and browns and the delightful images!! Lovely collection!

  14. Bear was thrilled when she saw this collection. She loves anything that has to do with dogs (since she is one). Wonderful.
    thanks for the heads-up.

  15. Oh my goodness! This is such a wonderful collection! I work for a group of veterinary pathologists and I am always looking for good "pet paper" and this is absolutely perfect! I can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

  16. Got to have it! I love this collection. Beautiful work. My babies deserve beautiful papers for their scrapbook. I can't wait to get this collection!

  17. What a beautiful paper collection! I have quite a few dog/cat stamps that would be perfect with this awesome paper!

  18. Love this awesome collection, especially that the papers are versatile and not just for dog themed projects. Beautiful beautiful colors and design!

  19. I LOVE this collection! I am excited to find it after it comes out. As a scrapbooker AND volunteer at an animal shelter, this is perfect for me. I try and make mini pages about the homeless animals and hang them on their kennels, hoping to draw attention to them.

    I love the name, "Devotion" for this collection. It's 100% true. So many people are not devoted to their animals like you may think. So many die when people get tired of them, when they get old and aren't any more fun, or when they go on vacation and have no dog sitter (yes, this is a fairly common excuse).

    Thank you for this beautiful collection with the perfect name. :)

  20. Gorgeous! Love the chevron wood grain papers!!!

  21. WOW! WOW! WOW! VERY MUCH LOVE the colors in this range....

  22. My fur babies ( 2 cats and a dog) would look amazing on this collection!


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