Wrap it Up this Holiday Season with Christmastime & Tidings!

Hi! It's Erica and today I’m sharing a gift wrap idea for those hard to wrap little gifts. Authentique's  heavyweight papers are perfect to create little gift boxes this holiday season. Give a gift that is fun and festive inside and out!

To create the base of your box start by cutting a sheet of paper into a square (the template shown below is 9" x 9", but you can cut any size square). Next, score 3" in from all four edges (the dotted lines shown below are where I scored my paper).

To create the lid start by cutting a sheet of paper into a square (the template shown below is 5 1/8" x 5 1/8" again, you can cut any size square, but it has to be 1/8" larger than your base). Next, score 1" in from all four edges (the dotted lines shown below are where I scored my paper).

Next, cut along the scored horizontal lines until you reach the vertical line (the pink lines shown below are where I cut my paper for both the base and lid).

Place adhesive as shown below; be careful not to cover the entire lid with adhesive, place a little bit along each edge of the center portion.

Next fold in each corner of the base and lid, the backside of the each corner should cover your adhesive.

That's it, you should now have a box and lid! 

Now it's time to decorate! I added double sided tape to the back of gold and red ribbon and ran it horizontally and vertically across my lid.

I then added double sided tape to the back of lace trim and ran it along the top of my box base.

I finished each box with bows, Christmastime "details", bells, snowflakes and ornaments.

Supplies: "jolly" 12x12 paper, "symbolic" 12x12 paper, "evergreen" 12x12 paper, "adornment" 12x12 paper, "sentimental" 12x12 paper, "details" 12x12 cardstock sticker, collection kit, 12x12 paper pad


Brown paper packages tied up with string are definitely a few of my favorite things. And today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to create your own rustic and elegant brown paper packaging using our adorable Tidings collection.

All you need is a roll of inexpensive kraft wrapping paper, some adhesive and glue dots, a bit of ribbon, and your favorite Tidings patterned papers. This wrap is truly so easy to make, and works great for anybody on your gift-giving list.

I love the faux paper "bow" here, topped with this adorable label cardstock sticker. You could easily switch out the sticker for any one of the fabulous Enhancements journaling cards, and re-create this look on all your holiday packages. The larger 4x6 cards would be perfect on larger packages. Or, use even smaller stickers on a smaller box. Whatever you need, this wrapping idea will work for you.

To begin, wrap your package in plain kraft wrapping paper. Select a patterned paper to use as the base, and cut it to be slightly smaller than your wrapped package. If you have a very large box, bigger than the 12x12 paper, simply cut it as big as you can and center it on your box, leaving a larger border of kraft wrapping.
Edge the paper with white ink, and set it aside for now.

Cut three additional strips of patterned papers, from three different prints. There's no need to measure, but cut each strip a different width so that they can all be stacked together and have a border on each. Cut a V-notch into the bottom end. Edge each strip of paper with the white ink.

Adhere the widest strip to the center of the base paper. Add the second widest strip to the center of that, and finish up with the thinnest strip in the middle. Trim off any excess paper from the top of the panel, if needed. Then adhere the paper panel to your package. I've found that the best way to adhere this piece is with a bit of strong red-lined adhesive, or glue dots.

Wrap wide ribbon around the top of the package, securing the ends on the back side with more strong adhesive. The layered banner strips down the front of the package act as the ends of the paper "bow". To create the top part, cut another rectangular panel of patterned paper. Once again, measurements aren't necessary... I just cut a piece that's a little bit shorter than my package is wide. So for me, this panel is about 4"x6". Using a scoring board, score down the long side of the panel at 1/4" intervals.

Accordion-fold the scored paper. Lightly pinch the sides together in the middle, and tie a small piece of string around the center to secure the pinch. Fan out the sides a bit, and adhere the bow topper to the ribbon band using tacky glue or several strong glue dots. Double up some foam adhesive onto the back of a cardstock sticker or journaling card, and adhere it to the center of the bow, covering the string tie.

And there you have a quick and easy gift wrap idea with a fun paper bow technique that looks great on any package, for any occasion or holiday.


  1. Thanks ladies for sharing the deets on gift wrapping. Nice showcasing of the products!!!

  2. Such great gift wrapping ideas! You are so creative, girls!


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