School Zone Ahead...

Watching a young person begin a school year and learn to navigate new territory is an adventure and joyous part of life. Youthful curiosity is inspiring and this time of year sparks a desire in many of us to become a student (no matter the subject) once again.


Our "Studious" collection is timeless - vintage yet modern and therefore suitable for students of all ages! In our office we decided to create a simple display to remind all of us to remain studious, curious and teachable. It's a fun project and would be easy to do something similar in your home!
The information strip (header) on our papers always contain the quote we chose to represent the collection. They are intended to be cut off and used in projects - so don't hesitate to use them!

Our Design Team has created a ton of projects ranging from home decor/altered art organization boxes to layouts, cards and gift tags. We hope you will be inspired to try a new style or re-kindle your love of an old technique! 




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  1. So many great projects with this school collection!! Love everyone's inspiration!!


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