A 'Tricky' Tri-Fold Mini Album

Today's post is a throw back project.  It's one of my fave go to projects when you want to make something quick & still provide a unique keepsake for a special memory.

I've mostly made these type of minis with Christmas themed papers--but for this project, I decided to make a Halloween themed mini.  I've used the 'Tricky' collection for this really quick tri-fold mini.

This time around, I decided to use an elastic ribbon belly band as the closure for the mini.  For my older tri-fold minis, I've used basic ribbon--but this time I decided to use something different & even easier to take on & off.

The mini measures 3 1/4" x 9 1/4" inches & has chipboard covers.

As always, these sort of minis consist of three different rows with a total of twelve 3"x3" inch panels in the front & twelve more in the back.  However, only ten of these panels can be used to store photos in the front & four can be used on the back.  This is because of how the mini is adhered to the covers.
 As always I've included a pocket in the back of the mini with a journaling card which is actually one of the cut aparts from the 'Tricky' collection that I've trimmed down to size.

The embellishments for this type of mini need to have very little dimension since this is a flat mini with no gussets.  I've added a couple of Halloween themed stickers to decorate the mini.

Below is my tutorial for this tri-fold mini.  It was made a couple of years ago--but the steps haven't changed.  This is the sort of project that doesn't seem to go out of style.  Enjoy!

Supplies Used: Tricky Collection, Other - Elastic Ribbon, Fabric Flowers


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