Party's that POP! with Authentique

Hello! I wanted to share a fun idea that would be easily repeatable for any holiday or occasion. I created two for Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day using our Lovestruck and Shamrock collections, but depending on what paper collection you use, you could also use them for weddings, showers, or my favorite, birthdays. 
I started with a set of Cake Pop / Push Pop plastic holders. I found mine on Amazon, but there are tons out there at other stores.
I looked for a set that was able to have a lid that could be resealable. 
Then I created all kinds of confetti. I punched matching paper until the paper couldn't take it anymore, then I cut those punched areas into strips and added those to my pile. Then, I cut mini strips of colored tissue paper, then cut those strips down to mini pieces. 
It's not horribly time consuming, but it will take more "fluff" than you originally think. 
Once all of your confetti and fluff is all cut and punched, put it aside to decorate your plastic holders. I found that the best glue for this was dry adhesive, so got out my Xyron 3" sticker maker. Any strong, non-liquid adhesive (edge-to-edge, strong runner, or strip adhesive) would work best since you will be adhering paper to plastic. 
I cut my paper down to 3x8", then added adhesive. It was enough paper to wrap around the plastic holder, with a little bit of extra coverage in the back to stick the paper to itself. Once you add your paper, decorate with stickers, firmly adhering those to the paper. Then stuff those plastic holders and stick on the lid! 
Once your confetti poppers are all put together, you do need a bit of force to make them pop open, but the results are worth it! 
I would probably use these for indoor use, as you could easily clean them up. 
 I hope that you create some fun party poppers of your own!


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