Upcycled Card Tin using the Stitches Collection

Hello! Today's project has been in the works for awhile now. I finally figured out how to finish it, and am super excited to share it with you today. I received a cute, bright blue tin that once held a veterinary medical sample awhile back, and wanted to upcycle it into a travel card set. I needed something to toss into a bag and write cards to friends while watching my kiddos at swim lessons. The wonderful friend sentiments and soft pastels of the Stitches collection were perfect for this project.
The first thing to accomplish was to spray paint the outside of the tin. If you decide to spray paint, carefully spray light layers, especially on the hinges. If you let each layer dry, you can cover the outside and keep the hinge clear of paint, but still covered with paint. Since the front cover was also raised with pet images, I covered it with craft foam before adding the Stitches One paper. This created a smooth base for the front of the tin.
I loved the inside, and wanted to show off all of the wonderful patterns in the Stitches collection. I measured the inside, cut down Stitches Three paper to fit, corner rounded the edges and used some strong adhesive to adhere it to the inside. On the left is a pouch for notes and stamps, and on the right is an accordion pouch to hold cards and envelopes.
The pouch for stamps and notes was just a folded piece of Stiches Six with one of the border stickers from the Stitches Details sticker sheet
The lined paper from Stitches Five will ultimately become a perpetual calendar with birthdays and important holidays. 
The right hand side has a larger accordion pocket that holds at least four cards and envelopes. 
The pouch was created with a little of trial and error. The accordion edges were created with a scoring board and a few tutorials on YouTube. The gingham of Stitches Six was too cute, and the pocket turned out perfect.  
There are three pieces to the accordion pocket that create the accordion. Since they are separate, there is no chance of the pocket sticking closed. 
I grabbed a few of my favorite, recently created cards using Authentique papers and stowed them in the pouch. One of my favorite new cards also using the Stitches collection
I loved playing the sentiment from Stitches Eight against the stitches in the background paper and the stitched die cut. 
Once closed, this becomes an easily mobile travel writing center. There's even enough room in the box to add a perfect pen inside. This could even work as a perfect hostess gift, or a nice treat for a friend. 
I kept the front decorations simple and fairly flat so that they wouldn't get snagged while tossing this into a bag. I matched some glitter paper to the Stitches One pattern, and use my Diamond Press die cuts to create a cute sentiment. 
I matched the Hello Friend sentiment with a banner using the Stitches Detail Stickers and some twine. 
If you wanted to create your own, you could either use a blank tin from the craft store, or upcycle your project from other packaging.
Other Supplies Used: metal tin, spray paint, craft foam, dimensional adhesive, scoring board, ink, die cuts (Diamond Press, Lawn Fawn)


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