A 'Refreshed' Honeycomb Mini Album

Here in the North East it's finally starting to feel like Spring.  Well sort of.  We've had a rough start to Spring meaning that the Snow Miser just didn't want to let go this year.  I'm a fan of Spring & Fall.  I love those nice, perfect, not-so-cold & not-so-hot days.  However, this year we sort of went from cold right into just plain hot!  This is where the 'sort of' comes in.  So in honor of the Spring that we didn't really have--I made this honeycomb shaped mini album with the 'Refreshed' collection.  If there's one thing we DID have this Spring--besides cooler than normal weather--was rain!

So during one of my many Pinterest 'stalking' sessions--I ran across this photo.  The author called it a 'Bee Book' & it contains the poem The Bee Boy’s Song written by Rudyard Kipling in 1906.  If interested you can read the entire post here.

When I saw this photo I figured why not turn this into a mini album.  It'd make for a really cute, simple & unique way of storing Spring themed photos.  So that's what I did.  :-)

I refer to my version of this project as the 'honeycomb' mini album.  I've used the Nestabilities Hexagon Etched die set by Spellbinders to cut out the base of the mini.  

In order to turn this into a mini, I've added gussets to each 'page'.  Each page has a 1/4" inch gusset except for the very top page which needs a wider gusset since it covers the entire thickness of the album.  So the top page has a 3/8" inch gusset.

Each page folds out & eventually turns into one big 'honeycomb' design.  I've also added pockets to the mini.  Two are horizontal pockets & two are vertical. Each pocket has it's own honeycomb shaped tag for journaling purposes.

The closure of the mini was made by adhering a small strip of white card stock on the page beneath the top page.  This strips serves as a 'notch' where the top page tucks into.  I can't say I'm 100% pleased with this type of closure.  I think next time I'm just going to keep it simpler & just use magnets as the closure.

Here's a photo of the mini when completely open.

Find below a video showcasing this mini.  It's easier to display in a video versus photos.  

Enjoy & happy Spring!

Supplies Used: Refreshed Collection, Refreshed Details Stickers, Dies - Spellbinders, Other - Glitter Washi Tape


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