Memorial Day 2018

We at Authentique, would like to honor our men and women who have fallen while in our armed forces. We have a collection of projects from our design team that celebrate the lives of our military servicemen and women, and all that they have done for us. 

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Memorial Day is an important day to my family because my father, all four of my brothers, my nephew, many of my uncles, and my husband's aunt all served in our nation's military. While we were fortunate to have all of our loved ones return home after their military service, many of these brave heroes are no longer with us. They are loved and missed. I am thankful for their service to our country, and I wish to honor them today.
For more details, visit my blog: Scraps of Life.

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Pam Bray
A huge Red, White and Blue salute this Memorial Day! I was raised in a military family and we traveled here, there and everywhere! My dad was deployed more times than I can remember! We have family, friends and a son that have served or are serving in our military. We have loved ones that have given their all for our country and to those we honor on this Memorial Day!  I can say with all of my heart my greatest joy is to see our great American Flag flurrying in the wind! It always takes my breath away and I will always be thankful for our freedoms and will always remember the sacrifices given.

 Supplies Used: Authentique Heroic Collection, Sizzix Dies, Doilies, Adhesive, Chipboard. 

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Heather Conklin
My father and grandfather are both veterans. Our family has been touched by loss from both more recent losses and illnesses and issues from previous wartime. To celebrate Memorial Day is to honor those who were lost keeping our freedoms. As Joseph Campbell said, "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."
Thank you to all that we have lost, and all that we are lucky to still have.

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How can I possibly put into words how thankful and grateful I am to those  who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom? There are not enough words for me to articulate the gravity of what they have given us. Our family is fiercely patriotic given that we have so many  that have served in the armed forces. The next generation to serve youngest Son has decided on a career in the military  because he believes in answering a calling that is bigger than he is.
 The stars and stripes have always been so important to me for what they stand for and even more so now. Let freedom ring now and forever.

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In going through my usual strolls on Pinterest I came upon this unusual, yet eye-catching card design.  From what I've seen, it's called a 'Star Effect Card'.  It's a standing card that can be displayed on a desk or shelf & has a 'star' design which is where I'm assuming it got it's name from.

 I thought that the design of this card would fit in nicely with today's theme.  I followed a really great tutorial I found on YouTube for making the card.  You can find the tutorial here.

Memorial Day is a time to reflect & be thankful for all the men & women that sacrificed so much for this country.   Being a second generation immigrant; I feel nothing but grateful for what this country has given me.  Thanks to the opportunities this country offers, I've been able to become the first person in my family to earn a college degree.  Not only do I have a Bachelors degree but pursued my education further & I also have a Masters.  These opportunities would've exist if it weren't for all those men & women that fought for our freedom.  

My parents who are first generation immigrants are now American citizens & they often tell me how even though it wasn't easy for them; they're still grateful for being able to work & earn a living.  They became more than what they imagined they could be when they made the decision to relocate back in the early 70's. 

I added a very small pocket inside the card where one can write a small sentiment.   This card does fold flat & can be put inside an envelope & mailed.

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I have wonderful childhood memories of Memorial Day!  Our family tradition sounds kind of morbid, but it was actually a special time.  We would get up early, pick loads of lilacs and arrange them in baskets.  Then we'd visit the family cemetery and decorate the graves with flowers.  For family members who had served in the military (lots of them) we also planted a little flag alongside the flowers.  I can still see my dad in my mind's eye, his hat off, hand over his heart as he stood at his father's grave, a WWI Veteran.
I'm deeply thankful for our armed forces personnel who have sacrificed so much so that I can live a free and peaceful life.  To all those who serve, I salute you!

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I am so excited to share with you my Memorial Day project!  Its so fun to work with all these fantastic designers and see their creations for the holiday!  Mine is a Flip Flap Accordion Mini, and features lots of places for journaling, photos and memorabilia.  With all the fabulous Americana paper lines Authentique Paper designs, its so easy to make a project with any of them. 
This is Glory, an oldie but goodie, that never goes out of style.  I hope you enjoy the holiday and celebrate all those who have served.  I am blessed and honored to say, I grew up a Navy Brat, and in our family, we have someone who is currently or have served in the past in every Branch of the Military.  Thank you to everyone who has served.  


  1. Wow, what absolutely amazing projects and the papers are just gorgeous! Great feature for Memorial Day!

  2. Happy Memorial Day! Love all the projects and beautiful tributes to our Vets and families!


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