A 'Party' Multi-Accordion Mini Album

In continuing with my 'mini album kick'--today I'm sharing yet another mini album.  A few months ago I ran into a video on YouTube that showed how this style of mini is made.  I found this style of album to be an efficient way of storing multiple photos about an event such as a birthday party.   So with that idea in mind, I've used the 'Party' collection to make what I'm calling a multi-accordion mini album.

You can find the video I used as a guide for making this mini here.  Unfortunately for those that stink in math (this includes me)--the video provides all the measurements in centimeters.  As mentioned, I used the video as a guide since my final design is different from the one in the video & I translated all of my measurements into inches.  This was a lot of trial & error for me.  Refer to the 'stink in math' sentence from before.  I went through several prototypes as I figured out my final design & got my math right.  In doing so though--I also figured out that you can adapt this type of mini into different sizes which is awesome!  I'm currently working on one that has eight photo placeholders on three accordion rows that will hold 3" x 3" inch photos.

When closed, the mini measures 10 1/4" x 3 1/4" inches & as shown in the video, I'm using a sliding belly band as the closure for the mini.

The mini has covers made out of medium weight chipboard.

When the mini is opened, it extends into this accordion wonderland that can hold multiple photos and even journaling.  This mini has five rows with six photo place holders on each row; meaning that this mini can hold up to 30 photos.  The mini was designed to hold small photos.  Each photo placeholder measures 2" x 3" inches.   

The other cool thing about this mini is that the design allows it to stand & be displayed on any shelf, table, desk etc...

On the back cover, I added a tag that can be used to store journaling, dates or thoughts.

Below is a video showcasing this mini.  When open, it spreads out fairly large & it was difficult to take photos of it.  So a video was the best way that I could show how this mini works.

Thanks for stopping by!
Supplies Used: Party Collection, Party Detail Stickers, Other - Medium Weight Chipboard, Fabric Flowers


  1. Awesome album! I will attempt to make this album.

  2. Love this album. Definitely going to give it a try.


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