Solitude Wall Hanging

I knew that I wanted to create a perfect decor piece using the Solitude Collection as soon as I saw it. I just loved the plaids, the nature, and the muted colors. This was perfect for my pallet wall hanging.
I loved all of the details that were added into this project. Here is the full project, and below is the tutorial and stepped out photos so you can see how this was created.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
Start with a simple wooden pallet. Untie the rope or tie so that you can work on the wood itself.
Use a simple gel stain to treat the wood, and add some color.
This type is super easy to use, as you just paint it on, then wipe off the excess.
Let this dry all the way. Otherwise your glue may not stick correctly.
Cut pieces of paper just slightly smaller than the pallet pieces.
Ink all of the paper up so it looks like it is more realistic and adds depth to the piece. I loved the birch effect of Solitude Eight.
 I used the Art Glitter Glue from Country Craft Creations for this project. Any liquid adhesive would work for this. 
Smooth the pieces down with an old credit card or other spatula to smooth all of the air bubbles out.
Poke your holes back into the paper with a craft knife.
Then stick the cord back in, tying jingle bells as you want.
For this project, I needed an extra-large snowflake, so I grabbed my Silhouette and a piece of Antique Lace Spectrum paper.
I really wanted to include the sentiment from Solitude Seven and some of the great plaids like Solitude Five and Seven.
With another frame using Solitude Two, all of the pieces were layered together with foam adhesive in between each layer.
Lastly, I added a few of the Elements from the Solitude Collection.

Thanks for looking at my wall hanging! I cannot wait to hang this up!

Other Supplies: wood pallet, wood stain, liquid glue, inks for edging, Silhouette Cameo 3, Silhouette Online Store, jingle bells


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