Recap - so many NEW Authentique Paper releases!

The first two months of 2019 have flown by! We've been busting some serious butt around the office and warehouse to prepare new product and ship orders to our amazing retail partners! You've probably seen these new collections featured on our blog, Instagram or Facebook page...or even on the social media accounts of retailers or Authentique Paper fans! All of these new collections are shipping now, so RUN to the store or click to your favorite website and start shopping!

I'll mention it now so we don't forget...we do not have a directory of stores listed on our website...I know, I know! It's impossible to keep the list updated and many of the retail stores and websites who purchase our product do so from a distributor instead of direct with, check your local store or favorite online retailer; if they don't carry our product, please ask them to do so!

Okay, now to get into the SEVEN new collections...everything is now up on the "products" section of our website, so we'll link each collection below and you will be able to view all of the individual items per collection. In this post we'll include some teaser, beauty photos below just to wet your appetite! We're excited for these new collections and of course, as always, we're designing new product every day and have more in-store to show you very soon! Don't get behind, snag what you can now and start crafting...there's always more (new product) where that came from (Authentique Paper)!


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