A 'Dreamy' and 'Youngster' Diamond Accordion Mini Album With Tutorial

In keeping with my trend of creating quick & simple mini albums--today's post is just that.  I'm calling this type of mini a 'diamond' accordion mini album.  The diamond reference is because of the diamond shapes that are formed & seen if looking at the mini from the top.  

I've made two minis for today's post.  The first one made with the 'Dreamy' collection was my prototype.  The second mini made with the 'Youngster' collection, I used to create the tutorial with.

These albums measure 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" inches square & is held closed with a bull clip.

This mini is kind of a different take on the tri-fold mini albums that I've done in the past.  Here's a link to one of the tri-fold mini album posts in order to refresh the memory.  I also have a tutorial for this type of album on my YouTube channel.

It's similar to the tri-fold mini since each photo mat or 'panel' measures 3" x 3" inches.  Within each of these panels, you have the option of storing either photos or journaling.

I've decorated some of these panels with designer paper from the collections & other's I've left as is.  For the base of the albums, I've used the coordinating Spectrum card stock.  For the 'Dreamy' mini album I used 'Silver Dollar'.

I've also decorated a couple of the square panels with elements from the coordinating card stock stickers.  All of the elements were adhered in one corner only leaving them open so items can be tucked underneath them.

Here's the view from the top.  These albums are a bit hard to photograph but you can see the 'diamond' shape that gives the mini its name.  :-)

Here's the album made with the 'Youngster' collection.  I followed the same decorating style used in the 'Dreamy' mini for this one.

The only primary difference the 'Youngster' album has is the closure.  I've used a string of jute twine as the closure for this mini.

Same as with the 'Dreamy' collection--I've decorated a few of the panels with the designer paper & have adhered a couple of card stock stickers from the coordinating collection.

Find below two videos.  The first video showcases both mini albums.  The second video is the tutorial.  


Supplies Used: Dreamy Collection, Dreamy Elements Card Stock Stickers, Youngster Collection, Youngster Elements Card Stock Stickers, Other: Bull Clip, Jute Twine, Fabric Flowers, Mulberry Paper Flowers, Decorative Feather


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