Dreamy Home Decor Panel by Gloria

Good morning, Crafters! This is Gloria Stengel with you again. I love making little home decor items for the various holidays and seasons throughout the year. I recently made a few 6" x 6" home decor panels, a Christmas one with Authentique Nostalgia, and a Winter one with Authentique Frosted (see the links at the end of this post), and they were so cute that I want to make one for the remaining seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall, and maybe a few for other holidays! 

Here is the Spring version, using Authentique Dreamy!
This sweet paper collection is full of pastels and cute images! This little cutie will be adorable on my desk for the rest of the spring!
I accented the piece with some ribbon and flowers, plus some sweet, punched butterflies. We've just had our butterfly migration here in my area, and when you walk out they do flutter all around you and sometimes land on your hand! 

Here is a little tutorial for making your own panel.
Start with thick chipboard, cut to 6" x 6" (the chipboard that I use is about 1/8" thick). I generally cut one 12" x 12" piece into four panels and stash the other panels for later.
Cut a piece of Dreamy One paper to 8" x 8" and use strong adhesive to attach the paper to the front of the panel. 
Wrap the piece of chipboard to cover the raw edge, as shown on the left. Then cut a piece of Dreamy Five paper to 6" x 6" to cover the back. Before adding this paper panel, make sure to attach any ribbon you plan to use so that the piece of decorative paper covers the ribbon ends. 
I wrapped a length (8") of apple green satin ribbon around the left side of the panel. (The raw ribbon ends are tucked under the covering panel on the back of the project.
Cut the little girl and butterfly image from Dreamy Six paper (approx. 4" x 3"). Mat the image with some gray cardstock cut to 4 1/8" x 3 1/8". 

Cut a 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of chipboard and wrap it with Dreamy Five plaid paper (cut to 6 1/2" x 5 1/2"). Attach the image to the wrapped chipboard (see below). 
Cut a doily from ivory paper with a die cut template. (You can always purchase similar doilies in the candy making and cake decorating section of a craft supply store if you don't have a doily die cut shape.) Attach the doily as shown, then attach the image to the main panel so that it is approximately 1/2" from the bottom and right edges of the panel.
You can see here how wrapping the chipboard pieces gives you a smooth, finished edge to the panels. I like this much better than the raw chipboard showing, or even inking or painting the chipboard first. 
Create a bow from the same green satin ribbon. Then, glue the bow to the panel as shown.
Glue some flowers around the bottom of the bow. I chose a few ivory, pale green, and pale yellow blooms from my stash. Use a punch or die cut template to punch out a 1" butterfly shape from Dreamy Three paper and glue it to the top of the bow.
Punch out the sentiment from the Dreamy Elements Cardstock Die Cuts page and smudge the edges with pistachio ink. Attach it to the bottom of the image with foam adhesive. 

Use a punch to cut out some tiny butterflies from Dreamy Three paper. Attach the little butterflies to the image panel with glue. These little butterflies mimic the one drawn on the image that has landed on the little girl's hand!
Look how dimensional the panel is! The little butterflies almost zip off the page! 
Add a few pale green enamel dots around the flower cluster area for some extra dimension and shine.
Place your panel onto a small easel stand and enjoy it all season! 

Thanks for looking! If you wish to see the  Christmas panel, using Authentique Nostalgia paper, click HERE. If you wish to see the Winter panel, using Authentique Frosted paper, click HERE.

Authentique Supplies Used:

Dreamy Collection: 12x12 paper, Elements Cardstock Die Cuts 

Additional Supplies: heavy weight chipboard, satin ribbon, ink, butterfly punch, doily die template, enamel dots, paper flowers, gray cardstock, various adhesives


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