Happy Easter Rainbow Egg Easter Decor with the Spectrum Series

Good Morning! Easter is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for with its bright pastels, fun egg shapes, and cute bunnies. This past year, I have loved the Target Dollar Spot for home decor items that are super easy to alter and create some fun holiday items. This great project was asking to be decorated with all of the rainbow colors from the Spectrum Series.
I started with a great wooden MDF beadboard egg decor item in white. From the start, I knew that I wanted to create a rainbow effect in each of the panels using the Spectrum Series.
I measured the panels, and cut each piece of paper (Limeade, Robin's Egg Blue, Orchid, Orange Blossom, Lemon Drop, Tickled Pink) to the exact size.
Since the grooves between each panel were narrow, I didn't want to try to sand down, or trim each strip. I did however sand of the shine of the egg before I started gluing down the papers. This way, I made sure that everything would stay put.

Once each strip was glued down with liquid glue, I trimmed around the egg with a craft knife, then sanded the edges so it was smooth.
Once the entirety of the egg was covered, the decor piece needed a sentiment. I chose to use one that was fun and scripty. Happy Easter Sentiment from Jenny Highsmith was just what I wanted.
I cut this file from Bristol paper for its thickness. It was slightly thicker than our cardstock, which helped it not sink into any of the grooves. Remember to double cut thicker papers.
The flowers are cut from a retired Stampin Up large die. I trimmed down some papers so that I could just cut out the flower and the center that I wanted.

The buttons and enamel dots are all random things that I had in my stash of embellishments. These provided just smaller things to decorate.
Each of the flowers is glued together with hot glue, and then glued onto the board with hot glue. The buttons are also glued with hot glue. This will make them permanent.
Once the embellishments were down, I glued down the sentiment with some Multi Medium Matte from Ranger. I really liked this, as some of the glue had seeped out, and since it was matte, I could easily blot any smudges away without noticing afterwards. 
I hope that you have a great weekend, and get in some crafty fun with Authentique and our lovely products!


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