Liberty "Tiny Mini" by Gloria

Good morning, Crafters! This is Gloria Stengel with you today! 
A week from today we celebrate Memorial Day here in the USA and we are just a little over a month away from Independence Day! I wanted to create a little book that would fit wallet-sized photos of all your patriotic snaps!
This little book is 4 1/4" tall and 3 1/4" wide with a 1" spine. It is the most adorable, tiny book - if I do say so myself!
I used the Liberty Collection, 12x12 paper and the sticker sheet. I also used a few tiny bits of past collections: Glory and Heroic. I went all out with the red, white, and blue theme!
To create this book, cut two pieces of chipboard to 4 1/4"x 3 1/4" and one piece to 4 1/4" x 1" for the covers and spine. For the hinges, cut dark blue cardstock to 4 1/8" x 4 3/4". On the 4 3/4" length, score at 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4, 3, 3 1/4", 3 1/2", and 3 3/4".
Cut decorative paper to approximately 6 1/4" x 9 3/4". Place the chipboard pieces onto the wrong side of the paper, making sure to keep 1/8" of space between the spine piece and the cover pieces. Also, make sure that your covers are centered and lined up with the print, if that is a consideration.

Angle the corners and add double-sided tape to the edges of the paper, as shown.
Wrap the paper around the chipboard, gently scoring the space on each side of the spine piece. If you are not careful, the paper may crack or tear.  
Your hinge piece has 13 sections. There are one-inch sections at the beginning and end, and eleven 1/4" sections in the middle. Place adhesive on the first 1/4" section, then on the fourth, seventh, and tenth 1/4" sections, as shown above. (I used 1/4" wide double-sided tape.)
Accordion fold the hinge piece to adhere each first and second 1/4" section together to form a hinge tab. Repeat for the 4th and 5th, and again for the 7th and 8th, and for the 10th and 11th. You will end up with a 1" gutter, four hinges with 1/4" gutters between, then a 1" gutter at the end, as shown above.
Attach the hinge piece to the spine. Trim decorative paper for the inside of both the front and back covers, covering the 1" tabs of the hinge piece. Once again, gently score the space between the chipboard covers and the spine, taking care to NOT tear or crack the paper.
Trim eight (8) pieces of dark blue cardstock to 4 1/8" x 3 1/8".  
Attach two pieces of cardstock together for each hinge tab, sandwiching the hinges between, to make four pages, one for each hinge tab. (There are other ways to make the pages, but I had a bunch of cardstock scraps to use up, so I did it this way.) 
Close the book and decorate the cover. I used a die cut to make rosettes from some of the Liberty decorative paper. I glued the rosettes onto the cover with white glue. The top rosette is 2 1/2" and the lower one is about 2". I added some stickers to the rosette centers, and to decorate the rest of the cover.

I also created a bow out of some plaid and checked ribbon. I had some packaging from a set of patriotic ephemera bingo cards, so I cut a tiny bingo card out of the packaging to add to the top of my bow. The bingo card is the size of a postage stamp!

I used Copic markers to color-ize some decorative pins to give a bit of sparkle to the front of my little book. It looks like a big firecracker went off and spilled out lots of red, white, and blue pretties! 
I mounted a sticker onto some cardstock, then used foam tape to attach the sticker element to the spine of the book.  
The inside is very simple. Each page contains a 4" x 3" piece of decorative paper or one of the cut aparts from the Liberty collection. So EASY!

The inside front cover contains a sticker from the Glory Collection, which coordinates perfectly. For page 1, I mounted a sticker onto some cardstock, then cut around it. I glued it on the right side to make a tuck spot for a photo. 
Page 2 is one of the cut aparts from the Liberty Collection paper, Liberty Eight. I added a word sticker (from the Glory Collection). Page 3 contains a 1 1/2" rosette. If you are careful where you place your glue, you can use the rosette as a tuck spot for a photo. 
Page 4 is another cut apart from Liberty Eight. I added a word sticker, mounted onto some cardstock, to make a tuck spot for a photo. Page 5 also has a sticker mounted onto cardstock, but I added a tiny clothes pin to one edge. You can use this as a tuck spot also, or clip a photo to the top of the page with the clothes pin!
I added a little pocket to page 6 and placed a small, ATC-size, tag inside. There is another little rosette on the pocket. Page 7 contains a cut apart from the Heroic Collection, which also coordinates beautifully with the Liberty Collection!.
Page 8 has another sticker tuck spot, and the back cover also contains sticker.
This "tiny mini" is so easy to make, and simple to put together! I hope you have fun making your own, with your favorite Authentique collection!

Thank you so much for looking!

Authentique Supplies Used:

Liberty Collection: 12x12 Paper, Details Stickers

Glory Collection: Elements Stickers, Details Stickers
Heroic Collection: Heroic Eight 12x12 sheet

Additional Supplies: dark blue cardstock, chipboard, alcohol markers, ribbon, circle punches, rosette dies, decorative pins, ATC tag, various adhesives


  1. Love it. Could you do a video on this?

    1. What sort of video? I could do a walk-through, but not a tutorial or process video as I would have to remake the project.

  2. What a fun, quick easy project! Too cute!

  3. Super cute :-) Thanks for the tut!

  4. I used the Tim Holtz dies for the rosettes.


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