Mini Journal by Gloria

Good morning, Crafters! This is Gloria Stengel with you today! I pulled out the Quest Collection for my project this week. This collection came out in the early part of the spring, but I have not had time to work with it until now. It is a travel-themed collection, which is one of my favorite themes!
In this digital age, I still find it better to jot things down with a pen or pencil. My kids make fun of me, often telling me to "text it" or to "take a photo" with my phone. But, I still find it helpful to have a notebook and pen in my purse! The act of scratching the pen across the paper helps me stay connected with ideas and memories. I like being a bit "old school."

I created a purse-sized journal, which is just 5 1/8" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/2". This little journal is small enough to fit into most purses, backpacks, or bags, and the handy size makes it easy to use.  
I made sure there is plenty of room to expand if I wanted to add memorabilia or other slips of paper, such as receipts or business cards, to my journal. 
The cover is simple. I wanted this journal to be useful and not only decorative. If I added too much to the cover I risked it getting snagged and perhaps damaged.  
I used the Eileen Hull Wrapped Journal Die to cut my journal out of black chipboard. However, I had an issue with my chipboard, and in trying to fix it, the flap part of the journal came loose. I ended up just cutting off the wrap and using the main part of the journal without the wrapped flap.

I used a craft knife to cut off the offending piece, then I used a corner chomper tool to round the corners. 
My plan was to use black elastic cord to affix my signatures (notebooks), and use the denim trim as a closure. 
I added the cord, as shown. This is the inside of the journal. There is space for four signatures.
I cut two pieces of Quest Three paper to 5" x 3 5/8" and rounded the outside corners. I glued these pieces to the inside covers.
I cut two pieces of Quest One paper to 5" x 3 5/8" and rounded the outside corners. I glued these pieces to the outside covers.

I glued the denim trim over the outside of the covers. My original pan was to tie the denim to hold the book closed. Read laid plans and all that! 
I cut paper for the inside signature covers (notebooks). The paper is 4 1/4" x 7", folded in half. I used Quest One, Two, and Seven. There are four elastic bands inside the journal, one for each signature. (See below.)

I then cut computer paper and grid paper to just slightly smaller than 4 1/4" x 7" and folded all the sheets in half. I placed some of the paper into each cover. You can add any type of paper you wish at this stage: watercolor paper, sketch paper, kraft paper, etc.
This is when the plan changed! It turned out that the denim was so thick and bulky, that using it as a closure was not a good idea! Plus, when it was untied, there was so much of it that it was in the way!

I ended up trimming the denim trim at the edge of the journal and using it as decoration instead. To keep the book closed I knotted some of the black elastic cord and wrapped that around the journal. 
There is enough stretch in the cord to allow the journal to get a bit chunkier! But, I to love the denim trim!
The cord holds well, and is not lumpy or difficult to manage. Plus, the cord is easy to replace if it gets worn. 
The cord is easy to take on and off. There is nothing fussy or inconvenient about the cord!
I didn't want a fussy closure that can get lost. I can wrap the cord around my wrist for safe keeping while I am using the journal.
I added a clip to the top of the cover to hold extra items. I glued the part of the clip that is on the front side of the journal, just to keep it from falling off. I can still open the clip to add things, but it stays put!
I can clip loose sheets of paper or even business cards to the front cover. 
The beginning of each notebook contains a journaling card cut from Quest Eight paper. 
Journals are fun to personalize with memorabilia, such as ticket stubs. I used a tiny stapler to attach some ephemera. 
The folded signature (notebooks) slip under the elastic, making it easy to add new ones as they fill up! Two of my notebooks contain grid paper, and two have plain computer paper.
Notebook two. I added a few of the die cuts from the Quest Elements Cardstock Punch-out Die Cuts.
I like the lined ephemera cards. This would be a great trip journal, making it easy to keep track of events or memories from each day of the trip.
More ephemera from my stash. 
If you are a stamper, you can personalize your journal with stamped images or sentiments. I created this ticket with a stamp.  
The banner shapes in the die cut sheet make for a great tuck spots. I could also pull this banner out to use as a bookmark! 
Signature notebook three. 
 I love using the double-sided paper for the signature covers. You get a nice print on both sides!
This mini post card is a fun addition to my journal. 
Everyone needs a place to jot down bucket list ideas! 
Signature notebook four.
 Here is a peek at the last signature of the journal.
 Another banner die cut element. 
Just a wander... 
And that is my journal project!
Thank you so much for looking! 

Authentique Supplies Used:

Quest Collection: 12x12 Paper, Elements Cardstock Punch-out Die Cuts.

Additional Supplies Used:   journal die, chipboard, elastic cord, denim trim. ephemera, metal clip, metal embellishments, mini staples, grid paper, computer paper, various adhesives


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