Authentique 6x6 Home Decor Panel Series - Thanksgiving

Good morning, Authentique Fans! This is Gloria Stengel with you today! I love making little home decor items for the various holidays and seasons throughout the year. I have been making a few 6" x 6" home decor panels to sit on my desk, and decided that I would turn it into an Authentique Paper series! So far, I have completed four panels, plus a NEW one for today!
To see the Christmas panel, click HERE. To see the Winter panel, click HERE. To see the Spring panel, click HERE. And to see the Halloween panel, click HERE.

Today I am going to share the Thanksgiving panel with you!
The paper collection I used is called Gracious, which is filled will autumn and Thanksgiving patterns and images. The great thing about these panels is that you can substitute any paper collection you wish! The panels are fairly EASY to make, and fun to decorate and display!
I accented the piece with ribbon and flowers in a bountiful spray! Mix and match prints, add an image and some accent embellishments and you have a lovely panel to display all season!

Here is a little tutorial for making your own panel.

Start with thick chipboard cut to 6" x 6" (the chipboard that I use is about 1/8" thick). 
Cut a piece of Gracious Eight paper to 8" x 8" and use strong adhesive to attach the paper to the front of the panel. 
Cut the corners at an angle and then wrap the piece of chipboard to cover the raw edge, as shown on the below. 
Wrap a length of ribbon around the lower portion of the canvas and secure at the back, as shown.
The front of the canvas will look like the photo above. I used a length (8") of ivory and rust plaid ribbon, with sparkly gold thread running through it. 
Then cut a piece of Gracious Two paper to 5 7/8" x 5 7/8" to cover the back of the panel.
Trim out an image and sentiment from the Gracious Seven, Eight, or Elements sheets. (I usually cut out several and match them up with the paper before choosing which one I want for my project!)
Choose three more prints from the paper collection. (I used Gracious Four, Six, and Seven).) Cut two prints to 4" x 5" and one print to 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Mat all three pieces with dark brown cardstock. Select a 4" x 3" image and mat it with dark brown cardstock.
Arrange the prints onto the front of your panel as shown above. Adhere with strong adhesive.
Cut a 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of chipboard and wrap it with Gracious Two paper (cut to 6 1/2" x 5 1/2"). Attach the image to the front of the wrapped chipboard (see below). 
Attach the image to the main panel as shown. Use foam adhesive as necessary.
You can see here how wrapping the chipboard pieces gives a smooth, finished edge to the panels. I like this much better than the raw chipboard showing, or even inking or painting the chipboard first. 
Create a bow from the same ribbon which you used to wrap the main panel. Glue the bow to the panel as shown. I use hot glue to attach my bows and other bulky embellishments to my projects.
Glue some flowers, berries, and other items around the the bow to make a floral spray. 

I used some shiny berries and some glittery spirals, plus a few sparkly leaves. The ribbon is also very sparkly, but the photo does not pick it up very well. 
Punch out the "give thanks" sentiment from the Gracious Elements Cardstock Die Cuts page and attach it to the bottom of the image with foam adhesive. 
Place your panel onto a small easel stand and enjoy it all season! 

I love to change out the decor in  my home, especially around my desk and studio. I have several easels that hold various projects that suit each season. I think because I live where we really only have one season, I love to surround myself with seasonal decor! 

If you want to make some fun decor for your desk, here is a list of all the panels in the series:

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4th of July
Back to School
Halloween - see it HERE (Twilight Collection)
Thanksgiving - you are HERE

Christmas  - see it HERE (Nostalgia Collection)

I will be making more panels (1-2 a month) for the next year, with the exception of those already finished. I will give you this list with links each month! 

Thanks for looking! 

Authentique Supplies Used:

Gracious Collection: 12x12 paper, Elements die cuts

Additional Supplies Used:  Heavy weight chipboard, brown cardstock, paper flowers and leaves, ribbon, various adhesives


  1. Hi, Frances Long here! with Your Book of Memories! Love this project so much , it reminds me of my Accordion Style Mini album! Great job, love them all!


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