Decorative Halloween Paperclips with Authentique's Twilght Collection

I love little things to gift and share with friends. These little paperclip flags are perfect for crafting with, using in your planner, or adding to a card. They are really simple to make, and use minimal tools and extra items. For today's set of paperclip flags, I used the Twilight Collection.

The flag is really easy to make. To start, I used a set of large paperclips and cut the paper to easily fit within the length of the paperclip. For the standard "large" paperclip, I cut the paper into a 1.5" x 4" strip. 
Fold the paper in half, then slip it into the large section of the paperclip.
Add glue to the center of the flag, and fold it together.
 Trim the ends into a few different shapes. Flags, punches, or just scissors will work perfectly for this.
Add some dimensional adhesive to the back of a sticker. For extra depth, layer a few stickers together. I used the Details Two Cardstock Stickers for this flag.
Your paperclip flag is done! Add one to a 3x4" Twilight Eight cutapart card. 
Each paperclip is created using the Twilight Collection. I chose Twilight One, Three and Six for the flags, and Twilight Eight for the gifting cards.
Here are all of the paperclips that I created for this set. I cannot wait to also make a set of paperclip flags for Christmas using our Rejoice Collection.
 Each one of them can be completely different, without a lot of products!

I hope that this helps you create your own fun paperclip flags. This would be an easy thing to reproduce for every holiday and every collection!

Supplies Used: Authentique Twilight Collection (One, Three, Six, Eight, Details Stickers), paperclips, dimensional adhesive


  1. Great idea and love it
    for all the holidays.
    Carla from Utah


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