Happy Thanksgiving from Authentique Paper: Day Three

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all of our fans, our designers, and all of the supporters of our wonderful company. We are so glad that you spent this week celebrating all things Thanksgiving and are thankful for all of your love and comments. 

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Hello! I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, but wanted to bring a little bit of Authentique love to the Thanksgiving table. Today, I have for you a set of place cards for our dinner. 
I loved using the Gracious Collection for this project. It was perfect for fall, with all of the fabulous warm colors and vintage patterns. It will go nicely with my mother's dinner.
 I started with this wonderful little crate from Lori Whitlock. I grabbed my file from the Silhouette Online Store, but you could also get it from her website.
 I also used Lori's Thanksgiving Place Cards for this project. I haven't figure out yet if I will write the names on these, or if I will find some stickers... I'm leaning towards hand lettering names.
The pie place cards use Gracious One and Gracious Six. I inked the edges of the pie crust just a little bit to create some depth. The base of the pie is from the 8x8" Bundle. The Bundle papers are sized down, and are perfect for smaller projects like this.
This set of place cards uses Gracious Five 12x12" paper and the 8x8" Bundle papers. The smaller pattern from the Bundle was perfect for this pumpkin.
The last in the set is a fabulous leaf place card that I created using Gracious Two. I loved the green-on-green look to this set.
Aren't these just too cute? The Gracious papers just made this project too much fun.
Thanks for spending this week with all of us. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Supplies Used:
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Thank you for today's fabulous project!! We are so glad that you spent this week with us, and all wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is an adorable idea for the dinner table. The pie and pumpkin place holders are the cutest. Thanks for sharing.


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