Rejoice Collection Christmas Rolodex Style Mini Album

This year, I wanted something fun and simple to record some of my favorite Christmas memories. This Rolodex style mini album will be a perfect way to snag a couple of fun events, mini photos, quotes, or memories on the back of each card. Since Christmas is quickly approaching, the Rejoice Collection was the perfect collection for this project. Part Two of this project will be posted on November 25th, so come back for the completed project!
The box was super easy to make. I altered it a bit from the tutorial, but that was only to make it a little easier to create. I follow THIS tutorial on YouTube from Little Hot Tamale. I thought that this was probably the easiest way to make this box, but I did have to use watercolor paper instead of scrapbook paper as the measurements called for paper that was larger than 12x12". 
Once the box was all cut and folded (took only about 20 minutes, so totally worth it!), I painted the edges and inside-sides with mixed media paint. Since the paper was watercolor, it was really easy to paint, and also did not warp the paper.

My alterations from the original video were simple. Rather than dowels, I actually used thinner, paper straws. I also just used a piece of chipboard that was cut with the same die to position the straws, rather than creating one with a hole punch. This was just quicker than measuring, although I did have to use a craft knife to cut the chipboard fully.

Once the box was put together, I cut 1.25" strips of Rejoice Four to border the box and glued those down. Lastly, I added one of the die cuts from the Rejoice Elements cardstock die-cuts.
The cards are simply cut using a file folder die cut like THIS one. I cut die cut sizes from my 12x12" Rejoice papers, and figured out the order before cutting the file folders. This way, I could pre-plan which side the file folder tab would go on.
See how nicely they all fit on the straws! They are a little thinner than some, which is why they worked so well.
Here are six completed cards that I created using various pieces of the Rejoice Collection. I will share the rest of these on my post on November 25. Look for the rest of these then!
A little bit of doily, a couple Rejoice Details cardstock stickers and this Rejoice Eleven card is waiting for it's message or photos on the back.
The baking theme from the Rejoice Elements cardstock die cuts are just too adorable. I loved the stripe-on-stripe look of this Rejoice Nine card.
Documenting homemade things are always a hit in my house, so I cut down the sentiment from the Rejoice Twenty-Two cut-apart paper to better fit this card. Once I added the number, I hot-glued a little bubble ribbon to add a bit of handmade aesthetic to this Rejoice Eleven card.
If you want a bit of border, but don't want the sentiment behind to show, add a little bit of dimension with a strip of flat ribbon like this Rejoice Fourteen card. I wanted the Rejoice Details sticker to show just a little bit, so I used strong adhesive and some dimensional adhesive to put the Rejoice Elements cardstock die cut on top. 
To create some dimension in this card, I used dimensional adhesive between the two Rejoice Details cardstock stickers. Remember to also grab your 8x8" Bundle to mix and match different sized patterns. The Bundle has smaller sized prints, which are perfect for smaller projects like this Rejoice Thirteen card.  
Lastly for this project is day six. This Rejoice Four card has some bits and baubles from leftover cards, as well as a sentiment from Rejoice Twenty-Two. I simple used a circle die to cut this from the 3x4" card. 
Here is the project so far. I cannot wait to share the finished project with you later this month! Come back on November 25th for a completed walkthrough of the entire Rejoice Collection Rolodex Style Mini Album.

Supplies Used:
Rolodex Style Box: Authentique Rejoice Collection Four, Rejoice Collection Elements cardstock die cuts, watercolor paper, mixed media spray (or any paint), chipboard, paper straws, hot glue
Cards: Authentique Paper Rejoice Collection: Rejoice Paper Pad, Rejoice Enhancements Paper Pad, Rejoice Elements cardstock die cuts, Rejoice Details Cardstock stickers, Rejoice Bundle, various ribbons and add-ons, doily, file folder die, dimensional adhesive


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