Celebrate Winter Card

Good morning, Authentique Fans! This is Gloria Stengel with you today! Happy New Year! I pray many blessing upon you for 2020! 
For those of you experiencing a cold, snowy winter, this card is for you! I have not lived through a "real" winter in over 15 years! Winter for us is having under 60 degrees for a daytime high! Which happens pretty rarely! This time of hear we usually have temperatures between 63-69 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the day. I do miss how pretty the snowfall is, but I do NOT miss driving in it or shoveling it. And I certainly do NOT miss getting all my kids dressed in snowsuits only for someone to have to potty as soon as I get my own snow gear on! 
This sweet angel boy looks fantastic in his snow gear! I used one of the cut-apart images from the Snowfall Collection as the focal point of this 6" x 6" card. I really love how frosty the image looks!

I used several prints from the collection for the background, using just the gray and green color combination.
I then piled on a lot of ribbon and embellishments. I added lots of silver to the green and white to give this card a true winter vibe. 

This is the perfect card for a winter birthday or anniversary. Or, if you are like me and totally did not manage to send out Christmas cards, you could go with a flat version of this card and mail out New Year's cards!
Thanks for looking!

Authentique Supplies Used:

Snowfall Collection: 12x12 paper, die cut shapes

Additional Supplies Used:  black and ivory cardstock, silver doily, ribbon, various winter-themed embellishments and florals, enamel dots, snowflake sequins, various adhesives


  1. Very beautiful postcard! And the style is so felt in it!


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