Love is a Magical Thing Explosion Box with the Timeless Collection

Summer is the perfect time for all things love and weddings. The Timeless collection is perfect for documenting those wonderful relationships. I have an anniversary coming up soon, and wanted to create something that would be interactive and fun.
I started by using a wonderful cut file from the Silhouette Store. In this project, I used the Explosion Box #238987. There are also a TON of fun tutorials in all shapes and sizes that are available online, many that only need a ruler and a pair of scissors, so don't worry if you do not have a cutting machine.
The top of the explosion box is cut from Timeless Two. After folding and gluing the lid together, I added a rose ribbon heart, nestling the sentiment from the Elements cardstock die cuts. I also took the rest of the rose ribbon and glued it along the edge of the lid.
Once opened, the three layers of pocketed sections are layered with various pieces of the Elements die cut sheet. The folded triangle sections are also little pockets, so you could easily tuck in little love notes into each pocket. 
 Here are all of the wings that you cannot see under the first layer.
The lowest layer of the explosion box uses both sides of Timeless Five.
The middle section of the explosion box uses Timeless Three.

The center section of the explosion box is Timeless Four.

Once all of the pieces are added to each layer, you can start tucking in all of those sweet love notes. Explosion boxes like this are also a fun way to celebrate someone's special day. 
Have fun creating your own explosion box! Make sure to share it with the #authentiquepaper hashtag so we can see it.
Authentique Products: Timeless collection: Two, Three, Four, Five, Elements
Other Supplies: Silhouette Cameo 3, Explosion Box #238987, rose ribbon, foam adhesive


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